Our Story

The idea of Terramé was born in the year 2000 with a vision of a business that would cater to the Huntsville community, and would bring a high-end day spa to our town. The concept had not really taken off locally at this point, and almost instantly, we knew we had a good idea on our hands. We were welcomed so warmly, and we started to develop life long friendships with clients and teammates. Relationships have always been our foundation; we love being a bright spot in someone’s day, and it drives us to make every experience at Terramé a great one.

Terramé at Jones Valley opened in 2003, and we opened Terramé at Midtown in 2014. We are eager to open our newest location, Terramé at Madison, in early 2021. As we have grown, our team of talented employees has grown as well. Having such talented people, who are truly passionate about their craft, has created a culture of excellence that we honestly never expected.

Our team is our secret ingredient; they drive our innovation and our passionate pursuit of customer satisfaction. 

We are able to work in a business that makes people feel good about themselves. Our work is such a gift to us, and we are grateful for this every day. We cannot imagine doing anything else. We are grateful for all the friends we have made along the way, and we will continue to create an experience that is special every time you come to see us. You are why we do what we do!