Hydrotherapy is an ancient Roman medical and therapeutic technique refined in Europe in the late 1800’s. The benefits of hydrotherapy are countless and include detoxification, improved circulation, pore refinement and increased vitality. Our technicians will customize your bath according to your body’s needs.

No matter which Terramé hydrotherapy treatment you try, you will enjoy the therapeutic benefits that will increase your body’s metabolism and overall health. Our tub is FDA approved for automatic disinfection between uses, and all areas are completely cleaned, sanitized, and redressed by the technician individually for each client. Experience the power of water and its ability to transform the human spirit.


Coconut Milk and Lavender
Coconut Milk will nourish and re-hydrate dry skin leaving it supple and smooth. The heavenly scent of lavender promotes total relaxation.

Moor Mud Bath
This mud is an organic, bioactive peat from the bogs of Austria. Literally pure enough to drink, Moor Mud is added to your bubbling hydrotherapy bath and assists in refining pores, detoxifying the lymph system and nourishing the skin.

Sports Soak
Relax and inhale as essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint relieve muscle aches and inflammation while also easing congestion and fatigue.

Ultimate Massage
Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our state of the art 256 jet hydrotherapy tub treatment before you indulge in your sixty minute combination massage.


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