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Indulge in Self-Care

While we want you to relax during your massage and feel tremendously pampered, we are also focused on achieving results. Sports, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Couples… We have you covered.

Traditional Massage

Traditional Swedish Massage

30 Minutes – $75 | 60 Minutes – $110 | 90 Minutes – $165

Swedish massage is the most common massage modality. The pressure used is light to medium with a combination of long, sweeping strokes and gentle kneading. This technique increases circulation, relieves muscle pain and tension, and helps to reduces stress.

Combination Massage

30 Minutes – $75 | 60 Minutes – $110 | 90 Minutes – $165

A hybrid massage combines the best of the Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques. After the flowing strokes of the Swedish massage relax and warm your muscles, your therapist will employ deep tissue techniques in the areas needing additional therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minutes – $75 | 60 Minutes – $110 | 90 Minutes – $165

This therapeutic massage utilizes firm to deep strokes and addresses specific muscular and joint needs. As a result, you will get the maximum relief from chronic muscular tension within deeper layers of muscle.

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes – $120 | 90 Minutes – $180

Smooth basalt rocks are heated and then placed on the body to help relieve tight muscles. The stones combined with traditional massage techniques induce a state of deep relaxation/

Couple's Massage

Relax and enjoy a side by side massage. A massage for two is a great way to spend some time with someone you care about. 

Available in any of our modalities, excluding the Ultimate Massage.

Specialty Massage

Sports Massage

30 Minutes – $85 | 60 Minutes – $120 | 90 Minutes – $180

Sports massage is ideal for enhancing range of motion and promoting muscle relaxation through a combination of firm massage and stretching techniques. It is the perfect modality for athletes before or after a sporting event.

Terramé Signature Massage

90 Minutes – $175

Our Signature Massage incorporates all of our massage techniques into one. Experience our Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy, and scalp massages during an amazing ninety minutes that provide pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Fijian Escape

60 Minutes – $120 | 90 Minutes – $180

Discover the South Pacific’s secret to beautiful skin! A balanced blend of certified organic cold pressed virgin coconut, macadamia, and sikeci nut oils create a unique combination that promotes cellular renewal for younger looking skin.

The Ultimate Massage

60 Minutes – $160 | 90 Minutes – $215

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our state of the art 256 jet hydrotherapy tub treatment before you indulge in your sixty minute combination massage.

Available at the Madison Location.

Prenatal Massage

30 Minutes – $75 | 60 Minutes – $110

Only available in the second and third trimesters. This treatment enhances and comforts a woman, helping to make her feel even more special. During the service, we provide the Pregnancy Pillow, which offers an innovative breakthrough in comfort for pregnant women. It will allow you to safely lay on your stomach with newfound relief.